4 Practical Ways to Keep Your Move Organized

If you tend to feel stressed out during a move, you’re not alone. It’s an activity in life that causes many people to experience a little anxiety. It’s not just the move, especially if you get movers to do the heavy lifting. It’s all of the planning and anticipation that goes along with the process. Let’s examine four practical ways to keep your move organized.

1. Develop a Clear Schedule

Planning is known to reduce anxiety in situations that are inherently stressful. By developing a schedule, you can make sure you have a sufficient amount of time to complete all of the important tasks. This tends to free your mind from worrying about everything that has to get done. Another great benefit of planning is you can add extra time to alleviate the pressure of a looming deadline.

2. Establish a Box for Necessities

Imagine getting all of your belongings packed away only to realize that an important document that you need immediately is located in one of the boxes. If it’s an emergency, you’ll just have to figure out where it’s located and that’s going to take time. When you’re in the midst of a move, you probably don’t have extra time. Fortunately, there’s a quick fix to this scenario. Simply establish a box with necessities only.

Consider setting aside the essentials box a week before the move. This isn’t just a place for important documents, it can also be for essentials like medication or even coffee.

3. Create a Relaxation Space

The way most homes look in the middle of a move can be quite stressful. This is precisely why creating a relaxation space is a good idea. It doesn’t need to be fancy. In fact, it can literally be a spot in the corner where there’s nothing but a blanket and pillows. It’s essentially a space where there is no clutter and no boxes. It’s where you go to clear your mind for a bit until you jump back into packing or unpacking. Get more plumber information at www.matcocalgarymovers.com.

4. Label Your Boxes

If you’ve ever moved before, you know how easy it is to just throw things into boxes. That isn’t the best moving strategy for a lot of reasons. Perhaps the biggest reason is because it can make unpacking a nightmare. To avoid the added pressure, simply label all of your boxes with a general description of what’s included and the room to which they belong. For instance, “dishes” and “kitchen” might be the label for one of your boxes.

Being able to check off your to-do list will be a great feeling, especially when you get everything done before the movers arrive. In addition to staying organized, you’ll feel a lot less stress.

5 Efficiency Tips You Need to Know Before Moving

Efficiency is a topic that’s often discussed when there’s an effort to get things done as fast as possible without wasting time and money. When it comes to moving, professional movers have mastered the art of efficiency. Beyond the logistics and transportation components of a move, there are many ways to get things done fast, while also saving money. Below are five efficiency tips that you’ll appreciate.

1. Be Completely Packed When Movers Arrive

One of the best things you can do when moving is make sure you’re completely packed when the movers arrive. When you’re not ready, it will take a lot longer for them to get their job done, which can end up costing you more money than you planned to spend.

2. Plastic Wrap Can Keep Products from Spilling

Most people have a cabinet filled with products in their bathroom. If you have different hygiene and beauty products that have been partially used, you’ll want to take them with you without spilling liquids all over the place during your move. Plastic wrap is a great way to quickly secure bottles before placing them in boxes.

3. Use Vacuum Sealing to Store Clothes

Vacuum sealing your clothes seems like a complicated process, but it isn’t. If you have a vacuum cleaner, it’s easy. If you plan to place some of your belongings in storage, it’s a good idea to use vacuum sealing because you’ll use a lot less space, which means you don’t need get a large storage unit. You can also use vacuum sealing for storing items inside of your home. Many people store coats and winter sweaters under their bed during the summer using this method.

4. Fill Holes in Walls with Bar Soap

If you hang art on your walls, you will have to fill the holes when it’s time to move. While you can certainly dash off to the store and purchase putty, you can also use bar soap as an easy way to fill holes in the walls. It’s a trick that’s been used for years and works just as good. All you need to do is rub the bar of soap against the wall where the hole exists until it’s filled. If necessary, you can scrape the soap bar and fill the hole manually. For more mover resources, visit www.hudsonmovers.com.

5. Clear Bins Are a Great Moving Resource

Although it isn’t practical to buy plastic bins if you don’t move frequently, if you have them available for other purposes, clear plastic bins are great for storing your essentials during a move. Clear bins enable you to quickly see where things are located when unpacking.

Moving efficiency isn’t just for professional movers, it’s also important for packing before they arrive, as well as unpacking. It’s a great way to save money and make your move a more pleasant experience.

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